Twisted Chapter 26
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Michael stared at his grown daughter and the man next to her.  He knew that dark look and destested the man and his family.  Their intertwined hands churned his stomach and his jaw clenched.  He wanted to protect her from the darkness that family brought but it appeared she had made her choice.

"I see Leon didn't heed my advice."

Kara felt the grip tighten around her hand and said "I chose him."

Michael swallowed the digust and sighed "Well at least you have a decent protector, despite the condition he appears to be in."

A low growl responded and she glanced up at Joseph.  His black eyes were locked with Michael's brown gaze and she slowly stepped ahead of him.  Their hands remained linked but she asserted her position to keep both males in check.

"You called me.  What do you want?"

"I wanted to see you.  I could feel your power growing and needed to reach out."

"I have been fine on my own until now.  What changed?"

He sighed and asked "Do you know what happens when we die Kara?"

"You come back apparently."

She sounded annoyed and it left him startled.  All this time he had hoped his little girl would still be somewhere inside her waiting to see him again.  All that stood before him was a honed warrior from both decisions her parents made.

"I didn't want to leave you or your mother.  I had to provide enough time for you to get to safety."

"I didn't come here for excuses, Dad."

Michael saw the grip between them tighten and Joseph shoulder brush hers.  He could see the agitation growing in her and her mate was responding.  The atmosphere was starting to grow hot and he took a deep breath.

"I understand."

Kara let out a sigh and said "I'm not wasting my time.  Just say what you have to say."

"I want to help you control that fire."

"I don't need your help."

"Yes you do."

She finally released Joseph's hand and said "I've done a pretty good job all this time.  No thanks."

He watched her turn away and the two start walking into the dense forest.  He cleared his throat and said the only thing he knew that could stop her.

"If you want more children you will listen."

They both stopped and he watched them exchange looks before she finally faced him once more.

"I'm listening."

"The war you are preparing for is not going to be in your favor.  There will be casualties but I can teach you how to survive."

"How long?"

"You cannot be in a rush Kara."

She felt Joseph take her hand once more and heard "We have our people to get back to.  She can't waste time out here."

Michael met the man's gaze and said "Then I will come with you.  I can show you on the way."

"I'd prefer we wait until we get there.  Your arrival isn't going to sit well."

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly with a nod.  She turned away again and he watched the two shift to their wolf forms.  Joseph looked back at him and Kara shook her head.  His gaze settled on her once more and she walked on ahead.  Michael watched the enormous black wolf look at him once more and nodded slowly.

He climbed on the wolf's back and gripped some of his scruff as Joseph took off to catch up.  The ride was awe inspiring as he flew through the trees and saw the world in their view.  Kara made them stop for the night at dusk and he slid off carefully.  She was next to her mate instantly and inspecting his wounds before she let up. Joseph shifted and rested against a tree across a burning fire from him.

Kara remained in her wolf form and rested her head on his leg with her gaze on her father.  Michael kept his distance as he watched the man run his hand through her soft coat.  Slowly the man closed his eyes and Michael watched Kara finally release her form.  She carefully moved to the fire and glanced back at him.

"Is he asleep?"

"Some.  He can still sense what I am doing."

"He overexerted himself."

She smirked and said "That's typical."

"For one in so much pain he is recovering fast.  Too fast."

She heard the old fatherly tone and met his gaze.  The man must have picked up on the small amount of phoenix blood in Joseph and her spine straightened.

"I did what I had to do."

"It's dangerous mixing bloods Kara.  It could've killed him."

"It was the only option.  His wounds were too severe.  I barely managed to keep him tied to me."

"How much?"

"Only once.  He refuses any more."

Michael sighed and raked a hand through his hair.  "You'll have to make him."


He looked at the man and caught his black eyes on them.  She was right about him being aware.  He had followed their entire conversation and looked ready to interject.

"Once phoneix blood is given it takes more than just the initial injection for the body to acclimate to the changes."

"I can't."

He caught a shoulder and said "Joseph's body will give out if he doesn't take more.  He is healing too fast.  You should be able to sense that."

Slowly she looked over her shoulder at her mate and saw him give a single nod.

"How did you give him blood the first time?"

"His food."

"It needs to be a pure strain.  No mixing it.  That should reduce the number of transfusions."

Kara met Joseph's black eyes once more and watched him close them.  She turned back to her father and stood up.  He watched her smother the fire until it was gone and met her green eyes.

"I can give you tips to making it easier."

She shook her head and said "I will be fine."

Michael stood as she walked back to Joseph and slipped into the brush to give them some privacy.  Kara heard him climb into a nearby tree for the night and shifted as she curled up next to a strong leg.  Her soft head rested on his knee and she felt his hand slide through her coat again.

'I'll be fine without it.'

'No he is right.'

'We'll talk about it in the morning.'

She looked up at his tired face and picked up on his quiet pulse.  The man's exhaustion ate at her just as much as the muffled pain and she let out a sigh as her eyes fell closed.  Her mind's walls dropped and she slipped into his chaotic thoughts.  The pain still ripped through her like knives and she pushed passed it to wrap around him for the night.  He finally allowed her assistance as he drifted into the calm sleep she provided.

They slept through the night and at dawn she slowly stirred.  Her body was rested but her mind weary from the night's battles. Slowly she rose from beside him and stretched her limbs loose.  She released her wolf form and closed herself off to just her senses.  She could hear the nearby creek and feel the cool morning breeze fighting off the early warmth of the sun rays.

Their breakfast was a good fifty feet away eating grass and she looked down at Joseph.  She hadn't hunted much since he started recovering but she knew he needed the nutrition.  Shoving the dread aside, she left the campsite and shifted as she stalked the oblivious doe.  Her mind had found a way to protect itself while he was bedridden and the anguish the animals emitted bounced off the walls.  She strike hard and fast, putting the doe out of her misery quick and drug the kill back to camp.

She quietly ate her fill and slipped off again to get a drink.  The creek was cool against her paws and she cleaned her face.  A single twig snapping brought her ears to attention and she looked over her shoulder.  The black wolf approached with blood on his muzzle and she licked it off.  He nudged her shoulder and took a quick drink before releasing his form.

Kara joined him on the graze and relaxed to persistant sun rays breaking through the upper tree canopy.  His strong hand took hers and she slowly looked up into his black eyes.  Right now it felt like it was just them, no conflicts, no ailments.  She leaned her head on his shoulder and listened to his strong pulse.  His warmth surrounded her with security and she nuzzled his neck.

The groan made her laugh and she wrapped her arms around his neck as she straddled his waist.  Pure black hungry stared back at her and she took her time tasting his jaw and neck while she filled his body with her warmth.  She pushed a little more of the pain away and pulled out as his mouth took hers captive.  Her pulse jumped at the demand and her fingers slid through his black mane of hair.  Every cell cried for him and her heart beat in her ears like war drums.

His mouth claimed her for itself and she melted against him.  Slowly it traveled down her throat to her collar bone and she sighed.  Strong hands sculpted her form, increasing the tempo in her ears and she couldn't help but brush her body against his.  She felt his fur brush her skin and then the bite brought a cry.  The pain was unexpected but she remained still as he lapped at the running stream of blood.

Each stroke of his tongue left her restless and she closed her eyes to the hunger growing rapidly.  Slowly she felt the hazy affects of the loss of blood settle in as his tongue swept over the small laceration and closed it.  Her head rested against his shoulder and he breathed her in as their pulses slowly returned to a healthy state.  He lifted her chin and examined the bite.

"Next time I'll try and be more gentle."

She smirked and burrowed into his neck.  His pulse jumped in her ear and she felt his arms settle around her.  She could easily fall back asleep but they still had a few more days before they would be home.

"Kara, if it is too much we won't do this."

She closed her eyes and sighed "I'll be fine."

"The journey home is tough enough for you when you're healthy."

She looked up at him and said "I'm fine.  A little blood loss isn't going to slow me down."

His black gaze swept over her determined face and he kissed her slowly.  She felt him finally release her and she allowed her arms to drop away.  Slowly she stood and waited for him to join her.  They walked back to the camp and he caught her hand just before Michael appeared.  The man looked just as rested as she had felt earlier.  Joseph shot the man one look and released her hand.

"Let's get going."

Michael rubbed his neck as the man shifted into his black wolf and Kara slowly joined him.  Silently he climbed onto Joseph's back again and they started off in a walk before gaining momentum in another full gait.

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