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Comments for lastchance4sanity

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Feb 6, 2018
Why is that?
Jan 9, 2018
Go for it then :)
If love doenst last on long distance then how shall it when being close?
Jan 5, 2018
You're not the only one. For sure
Dec 13, 2017
No judgement or offense taken.
If it's a choice between career and love & family. Well. i don't have to answer to that :)
Dec 13, 2017
I know I want kids, I'm not indecisive about that. I guess the thing I can't settle on is do I stay here and try and find someone to have kids with here....seems unlikely...
Do I pursue John in Indiana (who I know also wants kids) and put my carer in jeopardy? I think for now... I'm going to do both. I'm making plans to go out there in April... but I'm also still open to dating here.

The case of your sister and also you and your wife... those two fates are things I am actively trying to avoid (as far as kids- no judgement to the relationships of course!)
Dec 8, 2017
(she's 39 and im 40 now) and we had to use a fetility clinic anyway, even with our other children. So we just didnt want the stress anymore. If you dream about kids you have made your decision already. I also dont like the therm that he said 'i should have brought you with me' you're not a suitcase, you know? Just my two euros about that.
Dec 8, 2017
I don't know if its appropiate to comment, but i'll do it.
In my opinion, you already made your decision. You think about having a family, your biological clock is ticking - how they call it here in germany. And there is a saying: if two dont want children, there is always one wanting that more. I dunno if i expressed myself right. My Sister is the Person which always followed her man. And he really is not the guy having kids - not even pets he is a macho arse. So she is now 47 and has no kids. She is a kindergarden teacher by profession and scratched her plan to have kids on hew own due to this guy. She never said it but i know she regrets this. I think its more important to find a partner who shares the same wishes and plans a future fitting in the imaginations and dreams of yourself. If it then doesnt work out with kids, there is not only one person carrying the grief. But hey, my wife had our little son with 36 and we've tried until Winter of last year to have another.
Nov 24, 2017
Nothing is too far to visit by heart, followed by person...
Aug 31, 2017
maaah ive seen youve been busy reading my entries. I just saw all your comments today. Thanks for stopping by and giving your thoughts...keep on
Aug 31, 2017
Hey, just saw your comment, that americans dreamed also of all this stuff in the 80s - glad i wasn't the only one fooled :D

-be well
Jul 20, 2017
I always loved the 'community' here. It was more like you write your thoughts and people read it and give their thoughts or just left it. Not as easy as klicking on like. I had a lot of good friends here back in the days... wow. I think everyone who is coming back here sometimes are feeling the same.
-be well.
Oct 28, 2013
I do the same.

Here is a comment for you.

It is not as lovely as a flower, but I always found flowers to be rather gaudy anyhow, especially at graves. Graves are for black and white photography and carrion birds.

I hope your nostalgia comes back again and you find this comment someday. I remember you as a vague and hazy piece of my past, someone whose words I felt deep down when I read them.

Oct 4, 2008
I've always enjoyed people-names for pets. Like Ryan for a fish, or Mark for a cat. I really do like moose, though.

I'm assuming that you and your sister are close. Having/adopting twins would be kind of fun, yet I'm nowhere close to being ready. I don't think I'd even be ready in 5-10 years.
Ah thats fun I do the same thing. Well... I tend to inhale but mostly I watch the smoke.
I have to admit, that yours is the most interesting reason to smoke I have heard. I like to watch people smoke, but i hate the smell. could you also use pastels to sign your autograph? I find they have a slightly smoother finish than crayon but still retain a childlike feel.
i originally started writing here after i had my first heart attack. (i feel old.) and i probably mentioned at that time that my father had his first heart attack at 22. but he was alive and depressed until a few weeks ago. almost exactly a year ago, i went back and took him on a road trip to mesa verde. i know i wrote about that. i apologize for making you think.
and i cannot tell you how happy i am to see you back here, girl. iíve missed you.

to be a heartbreaker, one must harden oneís own heart. it really doesnít hurt at all. -matt
well, i was initially attracted to SF, but ... it's California, and that is inescapable. I much prefer Portland, OR.
Logan is 2 yrs older then me but that's not why my step dad wouldn't aprove, Logan has piercings like gaged ears and the rest of his ears pierced, he has 26 piercings total. My step dad is VERY judgemental and wouldn't take the time to get to know him at all. he's not like a freak or anything he's actually normal haha he's preppy just his parents own a peircing shop and he kinda grew into it haha but i know i should break up with him i just,cant.
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